Subpoena Preparation in Anderson, California

receptionist records subpoena preparation info via phoneOpposing parties and unwilling witnesses have the potential to derail a litigants court case. Failure to provide evidence or testimony in your case will negatively affect a civil case and cause the need for continuances or lead to an all-out dismissal of a claim.

The solution to these roadblocks is to subpoena the individuals who possess the documentation, materials, or personal recollections that support a civil court lawsuit. These court-ordered commands require the party to actively produce the requested pieces of evidence or appear in court. Accurate Document Imaging employs a skilled team of professionals well-versed in subpoena preparation and service on behalf of their Anderson, California, clients.

Proper Preparation

Subpoenas are not only a complicated court document, but errors in a request will lead to delays or the inability to present all of the evidence in a court case. A call to testify has its own set of requirements that often differ from subpoenas requesting documents or materials.
Depending on the case in question, attorneys and private litigants may need assistance with subpoena preparation for cases ranging from divorce and child custody cases to personal injury suits. By hiring a business such as Accurate, these orders will be done right, the first time, and keep a court case moving forward.

Sanctioned Service

Subpoenas are typically requested by lawyers and issued by a court clerk, notary public, or justice of the peace. Attorneys often have the knowledge and staff needed to properly prepare these requests, but private individuals may not have these tools available. This is why businesses such as Accurate Document exist.

Beyond the need for complete information and the issuance of a subpoena, it will then need to be served on the person named within the order. There are so many variables in attempting to serve a witness or possessor of materials with a subpoena that the process is sometimes long, difficult, and stressful. Whether it needs to be delivered in person, emailed, sent by certified mail, or through direct reading aloud, Accurate Document ensures that they are delivered promptly and in accordance with the law.

Don’t let your case be interrupted by uncooperative parties. Subpoena preparation by the qualified team at Accurate Document Imaging in Anderson, California, is the surest way to know that these individuals and companies will be required to perform the tasks which have been ordered or face the penalties associated with non-compliance.

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