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From initial filings to motions, settlements, and dismissals, the legal industry requires a lot of paperwork. The courts have very specific practices involving the use of documents, the number of copies, and the timely filing of those documents. By hiring the expert team at Accurate Document Imaging in Cottonwood, California, your clients’ legal photocopy needs will be completed on time, accurately, and be kept confidential.
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Legal cases demand a high level of confidentiality and the team at Accurate Document Imaging knows how very important it is to protect your clients’ privacy. Cases large and small, our attention to providing our clients secure legal photocopy services is unparalleled, allowing local attorneys to focus on other areas of a case. Our staff of bonded specialists is dedicated to protecting your clients’ confidentiality throughout the process of reproduction, binding, and distribution, of all your necessary court documents.


Incorrect details, missing pages, or the wrong number of copies have the potential to derail a legal case. These issues can lead to missed deadlines and lost production time. In addition to keeping your clients’ information safe, the team at Accurate Document Imaging is well-trained in the reproduction of legal documents. Whether your case involves time-sensitive deadlines or a high volume of materials, we will guarantee accuracy from beginning to end at the competitive rates that have made us a premier document preparation service.

Don’t sacrifice your clients’ cases for subpar services or allow their information to become vulnerable to prying eyes. Instead, allow Accurate Document Imaging to fulfill your Cottonwood, California, legal photocopy needs and rest assured that your clients’ information and documents are handled the right way, the first time. Local attorneys have been relying on our services since 2003 when we began our mission to provide nothing but the best in document reproduction services.

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