Subpoena Process Service in Cottonwood, California

preparing for subpoena process serviceWhether you need to inform an opposing party of a civil action you have filed against them or need to demand the production of witness or evidence, you will need to have those documents delivered to them in the manner prescribed by the courts.

The knowledgeable experts at Accurate Document Imaging have been providing the Cottonwood, California, legal industry with nothing but the best in subpoena process services since opening their doors in 2003. With our help, you can be sure that your clients’ documents are handled according to the law, from the initial preparation of subpoenas through the filing of required proof of service documents.

Proper Preparation

The team at Accurate Document is well-versed in preparing subpoenas meant to demand the appearance of a witness in court or tangible evidence deemed relevant to a case. We know the rules for preparing these documents for use in your client’s jurisdiction. In addition, we take every step to ensure the accuracy and timely completion of these court-ordered commands so as to reduce the chance of delays.

Seamless Service

The requirements for subpoena process service vary widely from one location to another. In most jurisdictions, these papers can be hand-delivered, emailed, sent via certified mail, or read aloud to the intended recipient. The team of process servers employed by Accurate Document Imaging makes it a point to find the easiest and most economical avenue for the service of court documents in each case for which they are hired.

Factual Filing

Once one of our process servers has successfully delivered a subpoena to its intended recipient, we will file the necessary proof of service with the appropriate court. This document will include details related to the service including the time and place at which it occurred, the name of the individual who was served and is signed by the acting agent. This affidavit then operates as evidence to the court that the service was executed legally and on time.

Subpoenas are very detailed and complicated documents that should be handled by a company trained and experienced in their preparation and service. By hiring Accurate Document Imaging for your clients’ subpoena process service needs in the Cottonwood, California, area, you can rest assured that they will be carried out in due time and as the law prescribes.

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