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document specialist provides copy serviceDocuments of a sensitive nature and those requiring the creation of multiple copies need to be handled by nothing less than the most experienced personnel. Not only that, high-quality printing jobs are just not possible on standard office equipment.

Hiring a company that specializes in mass printing and duplication will guarantee that all of your copies are consistent with your specific needs at an affordable price. One such business, Accurate Document Imaging, has been the premier copy service provider in the Corning, California, area since opening its doors in 2003.


Business owners rarely possess the skills needed to ensure that their high-quantity and time-sensitive materials are reproduced accurately. The chances of missing pages, lost materials, and low-quality copies can be detrimental to a company’s reputation.

Accurate Document hires only the best and most experienced copy service technicians. These licensed and bonded specialists are dedicated to completing print jobs on time, in a controlled environment, and with the highest possible level of confidentiality and accuracy.


Advances in technology have made document reproduction faster and cleaner than ever, but the cost of purchasing these new pieces of equipment often keeps them out of reach for business owners. Not to mention the time it takes to train employees in their correct operation.

Fortunately, local business owners, law firms, and medical practices are offered an affordable alternative. You can count on Accurate Document to protect your confidentiality while providing nothing short of the best results. The staff will design a strategy based on your individual needs for much less than the cost of buying rarely-used equipment or paying for the failed attempts of untrained staff.

Don’t let old equipment and inexperienced staff cost your business money and potential clients. Trust in the experienced and affordable copy services provided by Accurate Document Imaging in the Corning, California, area, and rest assured that your company will be provided with nothing short of the best in document reproduction.

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