Serving Papers in Red BluffProcess serving might be the only thing in law more tedious than research and paperwork. There are simply no two ways about it. It’s boring, it’s tedious, and it burns hours that could be better spent preparing to dominate in the courtroom, the boardroom, or wherever else you choose to exhibit the skills your clients pay you for. Process serving in Red Bluff, CA is no different than anywhere else. The market may be smaller, but the annoyance is no less real.

TV shows make process serving look like fun. Lawyers might as well be educated bounty hunters. But anyone who has had the displeasure of tracking down an elusive defendant for a court summons knows how tiring and inefficient the entire ordeal can be. First you visit the workplace, then the home, then the school, then the coffee shop, then the other coffee shop, then the third coffee shop. Then you find out that he or she just left for vacation, and will not be returning until tomorrow, or next week, or ever. Meanwhile, your opposition is in the office, perusing precedent and knitting together an impenetrable case that will leave you scrambling for a recess. Why would you want this sort of headache? Chasing down citizens is not why you spent three years and $150,000 to go into law.

The solution is simple: just don’t bother. Accurate Document Imaging will do it for you. Instead of sending highly trained, highly experienced, highly paid lawyers running up and down Red Bluff, tracking down defendants and the like, process serving sometimes dangerous individuals, and wasting valuable billing hours, have us do it. We know that sending the fresh-faced college grads out on serving errands to the sketchy areas of town is a time-honored tradition, passed down through generations of lawyering, or devised brilliantly by Bob-from-Accounting last week, but you hired those modern thinkers for a reason, and more importantly, they can make you a lot more money in the office than they can on the street.

Paralegals are no different. Anyone who has spent any time in law knows the value of an experienced paralegal. Clients may pay for the lawyers, but paralegals keep firms (and even individual practices) running. You wouldn’t waste the expertise of your personal chef on janitorial services. You paralegal’s expertise is much too valuable to waste on process serving, when there are cheaper and more efficient options to get the job done more quickly and much more cleanly.

Accurate Document Imaging will handle everything, and we are very good at what we do. Let us put our expertise, built over years of experience and successful practice, to work for your company. Whether it’s a writ, summons, or any other form of legal documentation that you need handed directly, in person, to an individual, we offer guaranteed rates and fast, 24 hour service. Don’t waste your time. Do process serving in Red Bluff right. Let us handle it for you.

There was a time when an American lawyer had to do it all, unassisted and unsupported. But that time expired long before gas hit the 50 cent mark. Save yourself time. Save yourself money. Let Accurate Document Imaging handle your Red Bluff process serving needs.