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When it comes to the legal system, time is definitely money. Improperly served documents can mean expensive delays to the final judgment of a case. Delays in court proceedings translate into additional attorney fees as well as travel fees, filing fees, and so forth. In addition, for those who represent themselves, commonly called pro per representation, hiring a professional process server in Redding is essential. Not only does it free up time that can be spent preparing your case, it ensures that your documents will not be rejected in court due to improper service.

Since a small procedural error can make the difference between a properly served document and one that is improperly served, it is essential that the first service be correct. Hiring an experienced process server when you are serving the opposing party in a legal action is one of the best investments in the case that you can make.

Laws governing process servers are very specific and there are various types of service. For instance, sometimes a document must be delivered directly to the individual named on it. Other times, it may be left with an adult over a specific age. In addition, the process server is required to submit proof of delivery, the type of which can vary according to the individual case. Invariably, the process server must have no connection to the case.

Many times, the recipient of the document does not want to be served, so it is not a matter of simply walking up to him or her and delivering the document. Particularly in the Redding vicinity, where there are many outlying rural areas, a successful process server must be extremely familiar with the locale in order to obtain a successful service. In addition, he or she must be persistent and innovative, since some plaintiffs will go to great lengths to avoid being served and the Redding area offers many remote locations in which to abscond.

At Accurate Document Imaging, we have an outstanding record of process serving and we pride ourselves on our attention to the details that will make your service attempt a successful one. Although we are not the least expensive in the area, we are the best. Process serving is not an area in which you want to shop for the best bargain. Process servers are trained professionals whose success, or lack thereof, can have a substantial impact on the success of your court proceeding.

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